Terms and Conditions


While permission-based email marketing is allowed for casino sites listed with us spamming is NOT allowed under ANY circumstances.

We reserve the right to close your affiliate account(s) and withhold ALL earnings if a credible spam complaint is generated due to any marketing you may have done while promoting us or any site listed with us.


The CasinoAffiliateNow tracking system is the sole method for determining the payments and is binding on all parties. CasinoAffiliateNow will pay you a commission based on players who click on our banners or links at your website/email/any other venue you choose to promote us. You can track how you are doing in real time by logging in to the site with the username and password you are provided at the time of signing up.


When a player clicks an affiliate link a cookie is stored on his computer recording what affiliate he came through. If he chooses not to signup that day and signs up later the affiliate who referred him still gets credit as long as the player did not clear the cookies in his browser. If a player has an existing affiliate cookie on his computer his clicking an affiliate link from a different affiliate does not affect the existing affiliate cookie. The affiliate who originally referred him will get credit if he signs up.

All clicks displayed under "clicks" on the stats page are unique clicks only. Multiple clicks from the same IP are not recorded. However, multiple signups from the same IP are recorded. If you see that you have more signups than clicks then this a result of multiple signups from the same IP.


30% of net earnings from the players you refer.


The formula for calculating earnings is as follows :

{Total deposits - Total Payouts - Total Chargebacks (including chargeback fees) - 10% fees on all transactions - Jackpots} x Commission Percentage


A commission of 7% based on the net earnings of players from Webmasters that you refer to us directly. The webmasters you refer are not penalized in any way. Your 7% is paid by us, not from their earnings which remain 30%.


All affiliates that are owed $ 25 or more in total accumulated earnings on the 1st business day of the month will receive a "payday email" from us on or before the 2nd business day of said month specifying how much we owe them and detailing what choices they have to withdraw the owed funds. The affiliate is required to respond to this email specifying how they wish to be paid. If the affiliate chooses not to respond to this "payday email" we will assume they do not wish to withdraw their earnings at that time. An affiliate can choose to accumulate earnings as long as he/she wishes before withdrawing them. The amount in the payday email always includes all withdrawable funds (Net earnings - All previous payments), not just earnings from the previous month.

All payments and amounts mentioned in this Agreement are in US Dollars. Earnings in Euro are automatically converted to US Dollars at the prevailing exchange rate on the first business day of the month and included in your total payable amount in your payday email.

We cover the fees for all affiliate payments made via any ewallets. Bank wires for amounts below $ 2500 are subject to a $ 100 fee and all money orders are always subject to a 9% or $ 50 fee (whichever is greater).

While we strive to pay affiliates via the method of their choice it is sometimes not possible to do so for payments larger than $ 1000 via some of our "low traffic methods" such as Neteller or Click2pay. In such cases affiliates have the option of receiving the payment via a "high traffic method" such as Moneybookers. If for some reason the affiliate is unable to receive earnings via a high traffic method (such as unavailability in the affiliate's area of residence) he can request a money order instead. Money order fees are usually covered by us in such cases.


  • 1. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate account with full payment at any time without specifying a reason.


  • 2. An affiliate may not profit from any earnings generated by his own gaming account or from the gaming account(s) of :

    A. Anyone residing in the affiliate's household.

    B. Any member of the affiliate's near or distant family up to second cousins.

If an affiliate is caught profiting in this manner they will forfeit all earnings in their affiliate account(s) and their account(s) will be terminated.

  • 3. We reserve the right to terminate the account of any affiliate who consistently refers players that chargeback.


  • 4. You may not libel CasinoAffiliateNow or any gaming site associated with us. Webster's dictionary defines libel as :


"a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression."

In the event that we discover that any affiliate has libeled us or any gaming site associated with us we reserve the right to close said affiliate's account and withhold all earnings until such time as a settlement is reached.

This does not mean we wish to stifle your freedom of speech. Feel free to express your feelings and opinions for or against us as you please. But if you wish to make a defamatory statement please ensure you have some basis in fact before making it.


  • 5. We reserve the right to review or terminate any affiliate account(s) for any advertising that could be deemed as "promotion to minors or those below the age of majority in their jurisdiction".


  • 6. We reserve the right to withhold credit card based earnings from new affiliates for up to 90 days if we deem the depositing client(s) as risky and a higher than average risk of chargebacks exists.


  • 7. An individual, organization or organizations related to said individuals may not open more than one affiliate account without the express written permission of CasinoAffiliateNow management. Even if such a permission is granted earnings from multiple affiliate accounts of the same individual or organization are considered as a sum total of earnings under one account.


Any affiliate found opening multiple affiliate accounts without the permission of CasinoAffiliateNow management will have all his affiliate accounts locked and all earnings in said affiliate accounts withheld until such time as a satisfactory explanation is received as to why he/she/it opened multiple affiliate accounts.

  • 8. This page may be amended from time to time. In the event of any change to this page all affiliates are sent an email informing them of said change and an informational notice is posted on the page affiliates see after logging in requesting affiliates to re-read this page. All changes posted on this page are binding on all earnings affiliates generate starting from 7 days after the change is posted. If you do not agree with any change to our terms you have the right to stop sending traffic within these intermittent 7 days. All traffic you send after these 7 intermittent days have passed is subject to earnings based on said changes.


RULES for special promotion for affiliates coming through www.casinoaffiliateprograms.com (CAP)

  • 1. You may not open multiple affiliate accounts. If you already have an affiliate account with us you may not use this promotion.


  • 2. All affiliates signing up via CAP shall receive:

    A. 50% of net earnings from the referred players in the first calendar month after signing up

    B. 45% of net earnings from the referred players in the second calendar month after signing up

    C. 40% of net earnings from the referred players in the third calendar month after signing up

    D. 30% of net earnings from the referred players thereafter

Please remember that this promotion is based on calendar months.

For example: If you were to signup on the 5th of May, May would be your first calendar month during which you would earn 50% of net earnings. June would be the second, July the third and so on. Whether you signed up on the 1st of May or the 30th of May is not considered relevant for the purposes of this promotion. No matter what day of the month you signup on, the month you signup in is the first month of this promotion where you earn 50% of net earnings.

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